Privacy Policy

One of the reasons why so few people ever bother to check out a privacy policy (or any other site’s, for that matter) is that it’s so technical and absolute torture to just go through a single page. The whole thing sounds so robotic that, half the time, you’re trying to understand what exactly it means. Hopefully this one will be different.

The Web Site

We do not collect or store any personal information about you. Ever.

In fact, this site never asks for anything really so there is noting to be private about. We use Google Analytics to help run the site. It collects information in general terms, like what countries people come from and what browser they used, what pages get the most traffic, and people are finding this site. Certainly nothing earth shattering.

When you search, the price you enter and the department you choose (if any) is saved on your computer. This is so when you come back it will be remembered for next time. Again - this is stored on YOUR computer and not with us. Its also not very personal as far as information goes.

Browser Extensions (aka Plug-ins)

This is simple too. Maybe trickier to explain, but I'll give it a go.

Ship Along has created these browser extensions:

  • Ship Along for Google Chrome

These do not need or use any personal information of yours. No name, email, address, or anything. No privacy issues there.

They do need access to to function an interact with your shopping cart to perform their basic functions. Thats standard stuff for any site specific browser extension.

That should cover it!

Questions? Email us at with "Privacy" in the Subject line.

Not in the USA? Hang tight - we plan to cover Amazon across all countries!